Loosing Everything

Everyone is loosing me, and I am loosing everything….

Tired of showing my value,,when someone can not understand..

People will always take benefit of your weakness…

Whomsoever it is…

No one is meant for you…these are all the words..

How can a person meant for you????

When there is no value of yours…

We always think that someone is unique,,he is just the bestiest, he is not like others….

What happens to him??

His conditions changed or he get changed with time….

Don’t know…

Person whom we chased…is not the person whom we was chasing..now he is ours but he is not ours.

A change which can not be accepted…

Do we need to change more??

What is the benefit of changing ourselves when in love you need to change.

Love is not for changing each other…love is just love..might be we are wrong at this side

That saying was true…love has no guarantee…

It change anytime…

Never fall in love…don’t trust on anyone…don’t give such preference to anyone that he can use you…

Because no one is meant for you.

And I am the only one to be blamed.

The Melancholy Girl..

Deep inside me a storm is there.


What storm means..the things which we don’t have in our life’s makes a blunder and it leads to a storm…

Things are basically what we are expecting from others and what we are expecting from ourselves…

What we are expecting from others??

Why we are expecting from others??

Is it worthwhile….

You will be paid for your every expectations.

Are you not capable that much???

Then why to expect from others whomsoever it is. It is always bad to expect from others because that person can never understand the value of that thing to you because he is not in need of that..just you are in need.

So stop expecting and do something worthwhile.

Something which can give pleasure to you..something which can give inner peace to you.

Because everything is temporary even the person who is loving you..that love is also temporary.

The only permanent thing is inner peace.

So, keep working for your inner peace……..

I want to be alone…you are free

Something which is not acceptable but what happens when an unexpected person says these words.

Some words can never be taken back, can never be forgotten it just hurts deep in your mind.

And especially when someone who is not your world but your universe says it pathetically.

We always want someone to show our value, our priority in their life but a word like you are free shows that you are worthless for your universe.

I don’t want to be your universe but atleast make me the part of your world, the thing I only want just a small part……..

Happy New Year

Never plan for a day…days always ruin itself especially when it is planned…

I had not planned for it…but the day and the night came in the most unexpected manner…

I was not ready to cry but I cried…

I was not ready for hurting my self-respect…but I myself hurted my respect…

Dreams being shattered on the very first day…not able to overcome and don’t know whether I will be able to or not…

Wanna chase away from everyone…

I don’t want love….I want my peace of mind back.

How to choose happiness….

Happy people realize happiness is a choice. They are not held hostage by their circumstances and they do not seek happiness in people or possessions. They understand that when we stop chasing the world’s definition of happiness, we begin to see the decision to experience happiness has been right in front of us all along.

it’s no wonder some of us never feel truly fulfilled. If we think getting more will make us happy, we can never be happy, since there’s always more to be had.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t strive to improve our lives. It’s only saying that if we believe our happiness is solely dependent on crossing the finish line, it may be impossible to have a happy life we continually push that line further out with each step.

Don’t be your own worst enemy:

 While some of our suffering is the result of unpleasant experiences, if you take an emotional inventory of your day, you may notice that much of your suffering is actually self induced-judgements about oneself or others, replaying unpleasant past experiences or fixating on possible problems that have yet to occur. 

Exercise optimism:

 We don’t know the future. So why choose to only focus on negative possibilities when neutral or positive events are often more likely? 

Choose to imagine what could go right with tomorrow and follow positive occurrences since we can often miss them if we aren’t open to seeing them. 

Choosing to be optimistic is not only more realistic, but it can became aware of the wonderful possibilities that lay before us. 

These choices are not always easy since we are going against some natural tendencies, like we are always fond of finding the happy life outside ourselves. 

But we never focus on finding happiness inside ourselves.  

How can a person be happy from outside if he/ she is not happy from inside.  

Break this habit…”happiness from without” rather than the less profitable ” happiness from within ” approach.

Happiness is not the result of what we bring into our life, but the consequence of how we choose to experience our life. 

Happy days are here again!!!!

Sounds very nice…Sometimes people make it as their status…but are they really happy from inside. 
Very often we use the word happy to denote something which is not happiness at all. There are a number of terms that are often used in place of happiness: pleasure, joy, contentment, satisfaction.  Not all of these correspond to happiness.  There are particular types of experience which overlap with the experience of happiness but are in themselves not the state of happiness. 

Perhaps the most famous and most abused phrase is “happy birthday” . When others wish us ‘happy birthday’ on our birthday or are they pointing out to the fact that because it is my birthday i have to be happy? 

Are people who are in relationships more happy?

Those who escape commitment  in a relationship- are they more free and happy? 

The Reality of Happiness 

The happiness associated with love is a good example. Love may not always be joyful and pleasurable , it may even be pleasant all the time but the moment of happiness that defines that love is indeed real and rare. Living in comfort doesn’t lead to happiness, it can only lead to boredom. 

So to find the real happiness….walk the street of societies in which people still happily smile through the rubble of their everyday world.

Don’t know which phase it is….but it’s wonderful 

Don’t know i am leaving something or I am finding something…..

But whatever it is…it is best.

My happiness is just coming to me…..

My life will be at perfect phase after Monday…..

Going to join my dream career…the one which I have waited for almost 2.5 years….and now finally I am getting it.

What can be better than this moment…

God this time keep your hands on me….and give my happiness to me.

Chilling ways can be of their own…

I always have a problem when people try to influence how one has to live their lives. People have the tendency of expecting others to be like them. Believe in their beliefs. Behave like them. Think like them, and be conventional like them. And the moment you try to be different, do things in your own unconventional way, reason in your own way, priorities what you consider important , society will mock you, resent you and point fingers at you.

Funny enough those people who will mock you and offer free advice on how you should live your life, have nothing to show for their ‘right priority’ lives. Yet they are the masters of mockery and judges of what is wrong. 

Why should I be judged by what you regard as a priority to you?

Why should not you simply respect what my priorities are?

Why people judge, if someone drinks, smokes?

Listening loud music, soft music—- why people judge in this?

Can’t a girl wear a short skirts, or if she never wears a  skirt is it a prude?

Is it necessary to judge someone from their clothes or lifestyle?

Is it necessary that if I am crying , then their is anything wring with me?

If I am single, then I am a stone hearted person…

We should accept that chilling ways can be of their own..

If a girl is drinking, their is nothing wrong in this. Everyone has a right to live her life in their own traits.

If a person like to spend time alone then their is nothing wrong in that too. It can be better than spending time with fake friends at a pub, who gather just to update status and upload selfies.

A girl should never be judged for a short skirt, one pieces, suits, sarees. Hypocrite people judge them. Can’t a girl be modern in sarees, suits or that short skirt make her modern. 

Is it necessary to wear a one piece dress for being modern.

I did not mean that who drinks or wear short dresses are wrong  or who doesn’t are wrong.  People have different ways of chilling. 

Nobody was judged by their clothes or lifestyle.

And next time somebody tells you how to be cool and happening then just smile and show them the royal middle finger.

The Perfect Moments with my Dad….

My inspiration….

The first person who go through all the hardships just to see me smile….my most amazing dad.

It’s always wonderful to talk to him. And i love to talk to him especially when he share his hardship days with me. 

He had seen a very bad time in his life, even it’s the time that can’t be described in words. But due to his hardship , now we all are leading a wonderful and luxurious life. Thank you god for blessing us with such parents. 

Today the day when finally dad shared somethings with me….he shared his dream for me. He shared the things which he never shared.

I was just talking to him about my university admission and all. And suddenly he said that, life is giving you another chance so just relive it properly. People will try to distract you, but don’t get distracted. Be focused towards your goals. Be in rankers.. be what you always wanted to be.

I just want you to see in a respectable positions in society and that’s why I am supporting you for MBA. I too have a dream for you. So this time complete your dream. 

And i was just listening to him watching dreams in his eyes for me. It’s been the wonderful interaction dad. The most needed inspiration and motivation from you dad.

Thanks dad….

On the way to my dreams 

Life being very unfair from me from the start only. When I want to live it, life never allowed me to do so. But suddenly table turned…

Its like life always comes in the most wonderful manner especially when you least expecting it.
Yesterday 29 Aug, I visited Sharda University for MBA. When I stopped expecting that there is any carrer of me , finally I am back to my goals, my dreams, my life.

The time I entered, it’s like entry to my dream carrer. First I had an interaction with counsellor sitting over there. She told me the complete procedure and MBA domain and all. Then, don’t know it’s like things themselves happen. Suddenly Mam said that it’s good to start the admission formalities.  And i was with my brother, and my bro said it’s completely fine.
I have submitted the application form. Then after few mins I was called for entrance exam. It was of 2 hour. Then after 2 hours, I came back for my GD, then I went for GD. Then after GD, I was called for PI. 

PI was the most wonderful part. It was really wonderful interacting with mam. For a second, even i hadn’t felt that I am in an interview. She made me more comfortable.  She asked me so many things like about my job profile, why MBA, value difference in my father and me, women empowerment, maternity leaves, how do you feel when society question to you for the given freedom, how society judge your parents, how you feel when your parents gave so much freedom to you and at the last she asked me do you wanna ask anything. 

And lastly I said that mam thanks it’s been wonderful interacting with you. I would like to ask that choosing HR as my domain is a right choice. 

And the last round was of Write-up and my topic was How to control the price rise in India. 50 minutes 200 words. And the topic was really appreciable. That’s all about my admission process. 

And finally the best part is to listen that Jyoti you have been selected for MBA. Congratulations!!! 

Words I am waiting from almost 4 hours . Finally all was worth it. 

It’s like that I am being blessed by God, again gave a chance to relive my life, my college days. Going for single specialization HR. Hope so that things work out in perfect manner. 

This time I will not chase my dream, I will catch it.

Inner Thoughts….

There’s no doubt in my mind  that I have found out how to begin, to say something in my own voice and that interests me so that I feel I can go ahead without “PRAISE”.

I have rooted myself into this quiet place where I don’t need much to get by. I need my visions. I need my books. I need new thoughts and lessons, from older souls, bars, whisky, libraries; different ones in different towns. I need my music. I need my songs.  I need the safety of somewhere to rest my head at night, when my eyes get heavy. And I need space to love ideas and thoughts; creations and people—- anywhere I can find and I need the peace of mind to understand it………